Lynn Jackson’s litigation attorneys have decades of experience and a long tradition of excellence in litigating all types of civil cases in a myriad of courts and venues.  We represent regional, national, and international clients, as well as many clients across South Dakota.  Our litigation lawyers have extensive trial experience and can draw upon broad subject matter experience throughout the firm.



Whether we represented the client in the underlying matter or not, Lynn Jackson represents individuals, businesses and organizations in appeal of their case.  Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience in representing clients in appeals to circuit courts, the South Dakota Supreme Court, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and numerous other courts and administrative bodies throughout the region.

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Commercial Litigation

Lynn Jackson attorneys represent all types of businesses and individuals in commercial disputes.  We handle cases involving contract disputes, construction issues and defect claims, restrictive covenants (non-compete and non-solicitation agreements), unfair competition, intellectual property, banking, debtor/creditor, and anti-trust.

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Employment Litigation

Lynn Jackson attorneys represent both employers and employees in all aspects and phases of employment-related claims, from administrative claims to court intervention.  We provide advice and representation on all types of employment claims, including discrimination, sexual harassment, Title VII, and wage and hour claims. 

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Insurance Litigation

The attorneys at Lynn Jackson have a long history of assisting insurance companies by providing coverage opinions and other representation.  Our attorneys also represent insureds in a variety of lawsuits, such as automobile accidents, personal injury, and professional liability claims.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Lynn Jackson’s lawyers have successfully represented many individuals in a wide variety of personal injury claims, including automobile accidents, farming accidents, and work accidents.  We assist in all stages of litigation, from filing a claim or lawsuit, to settlement through mediation or arbitration, to a court or jury trial.

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Products Liability Litigation

The attorneys at Lynn Jackson represent retailers and manufacturers in claims brought against them for allegedly defective products of all types.  We also represent those injured as a result of defective products.

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Professional Liability Litigation

We represent a variety of professionals in negligence actions brought against them.  Our clients have included medical providers, veterinarians, dentists, attorneys, accountants, and architects.

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Trusts and Probate Litigation

Lynn Jackson’s litigation attorneys, working alongside our trust and estate lawyers, assist clients with trust and probate disputes.  We advise clients regarding wills and trusts that affect them and assist in the determination of the validity and application of such instruments.

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Workers Compensation

Lynn Jackson represents both employers and claimants with regard to workers compensation claims.  We assist in handling such claims from the time it is filed with the Department of Labor through settlement or mediation and throughout the appeal process.

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