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Business Organization

Business Organization

There are several options when starting a business as to which entity may be the correct one given a set of circumstances. Much can depend on the type of business, who will be involved as an owner, what the long term goals of the business are, and the type of assets the entity will hold. “One size” does not fit all when it comes to the best entity selection. The firm’s business practice group can help you determine what is best for your business in taking these initial steps.

  • General partnerships, limited partnerships (LPs), and limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
  • Joint ventures of separate entities or individuals
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • “C” corporations and “S” corporations
  • Non-profit entities
  • Cooperatives

Once you have selected the correct entity for your business, Lynn, Jackson, Shultz & Lebrun, P.C., will be there to help you develop the necessary governing documents to stay consistent in running the business and other corporate formalities, including: articles of incorporation, articles of organization, partnership agreements, operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, and buy-sell agreements.

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